Autistic Teen Stuns Crowd with Inspiring Graduation Speech

The crowd was amazed when Sef Scott stepped up to the podium during his high school graduation event last week. Because the teenager has autism and social communication condition, he rarely speaks.

So when he then continued to provide an effective speech about “doing the unexpected,” the students and spectators were in awe.

Sef says that he was influenced to offer the speech by his sibling, who is a brain tumor survivor and public speaker for charities. For weeks, Sef worked with his family to perfect every sentence of the speech address so he could amaze his peers.

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10 Year Old Boy Sees Color for the First Time

Before his 10th birthday, Xavier McCoury was just your average fourth grader except for one key difference: he was completely colorblind.

While colorblindness is a fairly common genetic condition, Xavier’s is more rare because he can only see in shades of black, white, and grey, rather than just being blind to certain colors.

So as an early birthday present in 2017, his aunt and mother bought him a pair of Enchroma Glasses: a unique set of lenses that correct colorblindness.

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This is awesome!

Amazing Canine Rushes to Rescue Struggling Dog After He Falls Into Pool

Amazing Canine Rushes to Rescue Struggling Dog After He Falls Into Pool

This is a short little video that shows just how smart canines are. They really can sense when something is very wrong. In this case, the rescue dog recognizes that the older dog is in trouble after falling in the pool. Once the rescue dog realizes that this dog does not know how to swim, the rescue dog reacts quickly by jumping into the pool to save the dog. TRULY AMAZING TO SEE!

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